On Track Technologies Incorporated
200 N. Mangum Street
Suite 204
Durham, NC 27701
Tel. 919-354-6510

Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Durham, NC, On Track Technologies Incorporated (OTT) began by delivering technologies to government and military organizations to help monitor the situational status of soldiers and high value assets in a wide array of environments. Today, OTT provides its customers a secure, cloud-based SaaS solution that delivers disparate data to customer platforms as an ongoing service. Thus, allowing its customers to focus on their core competencies without having to keep up with evolving technologies.

Two crucial components that allow customers to efficiently mobilize their data

  1. A powerful data exchange system that receives and transmits data between disparate, remote devices and customer platforms
  2. Simple yet intelligent mobile applications capable of capturing data from a variety of mobile and stationary devices and securely relaying that information.
The solution is device, sensor, data, and carrier agnostic maximizing flexibility.

OTT's commitment to its customers is to capture and mobilize remote data, actively deliver the data to customer platforms, and to allow highly configurable monitoring and conditional alerts on near-real-time evaluation of remote data transmissions received. By using OTT's "capture once, deliver to many" model this allows one transmission to be pushed to multiple customer endpoints, even if those endpoints differ in their authentication mode and/or transmission protocol, therefore bypassing many interoperability limitations.