Mobilize your data
with confidence.

This is OnTrack Technologies.

We are more than just a SaaS solution company. We are the leading platform for companies, concepts and applications in the field of connected devices. We move data.

We are everywhere.

Delivering data when, where, and how it’s needed through our cloud-based system.


We partner with customers to layer functionality and features into existing systems through applications and APIs that transform remotely captured data based on specific parameters.

We are mobilizing data.

Two crucial components that allow customers to efficiently mobilize their data:

01.A truly agnostic data exchange system that receives and transmits data between disparate remote devices and diverse customer platforms.
02.Simple yet intelligent applications capable of capturing data from a variety of mobile and stationary devices and securely relaying that information.


Leveraging OTT’s tools into existing healthcare systems creates a more intelligent health ecosystem for patients and providers.

  • Automate time-consuming processes
  • Gain flexibility across devices, platforms, and systems
  • Faster time to market
  • Substantial cost savings
  • Differentiated solutions

Technology at the heart of connectivity

Device API: Communicate with remote devices to capture data and provide configuration and command payloads.

Subscriber API: Configure alerting capabilities and relay to remote devices.

Push Services: Proactively send data to predetermined endpoints, including the ability to send concurrently to multiple endpoints with diverse communication and authentication protocols.

Alert Services: Detect when inbound data violates business rules and send details to any system.

Notification Services: Notify stakeholders via email and SMS text messaging when an alert condition has been identified.

Monitoring Services: Check for and re-attempt data pushes, alert pushes, and failure notifications.


Flexibility to Support Any Application or Device
Experience ultimate control and configurability, create and evolve new applications with unprecedented speed to market, and collect data from virtually any device.

Low Cost, High Yield
Our model enables us to provide a robust, flexible solution to a wide range of industries and applications at costs that can be substantially less than the competition.

New Sources of Revenue
Actionable data is today's hottest currency. Our customers find new revenue streams and increase their bottom line through data insights.

Mobilizing data since 2005.

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