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intelemetry™ = intelligent telemetry

Beyond meeting your organization’s objectives, our products enable you to lead the way in your field. You have identified tracking and data collection as critical components of your mission. Our solutions give you the intelligent tools and flexibility required to execute creative, proactive strategies that meet your mission-critical goals. Each one of our solutions incorporates three key areas of intelligence:

intelligent engineering

Intelemetry solutions start with intelligent engineering from On Track Technologies. Devices are designed to collect and transmit data to a monitoring center. Using highly innovative engineering concepts, all of our devices are miniaturized for minimum detectability and maximum comfort, can be manufactured in various form factors, and provide greater mobility of the person, animal or object being tracked or monitored. All of our devices can be configured to transmit over a wide range of radio frequencies.

intelligent networking

To address the huge variety of telemetry scenarios, our solutions deliver optimum backhaul reliability and flexibility, offering multi-mode operation, with any combination of CDMA, EVDO, WCDMA, GSM, satellite, and/or Internet connectivity to external networks. A variety of telemetry data can be transmitted, including location, device readings, body or environmental sampling results—or any information that can be electronically quantifiable. All of our devices are capable of two-way communication with a monitoring center for remote re-programming.

intelligent operations

Our devices possess substantial processing power and memory, enabling you to load intelligent algorithms for device-level, real-time decision making. These algorithms can even be uploaded remotely, providing you with the utmost flexibility. You can develop strategies that incorporate many possible states throughout each step of an operation and your decision makers can make faster decisions than you thought possible—and take advantage of computer-assisted decision-making or not, as you see fit.

intelligent system

The result of this core intelligence is to build intelligence into each phase of the Intelemetry™ system. That means:

1. Intelligent data collection—the IRCD™ is designed to adapt to any data collection device and work seamlessly with its power requirements.

2. Intelligent transmission—we are the most frequency-flexible game in town, ready to work with any combination of backhaul technologies.

3. Intelligent monitoring—Our industry-savvy monitoring experts are trained to work with any type of data and any combination of human or machine driven response.

4. Intelligent analysis—we’re experts in using off-the-shelf or custom-made analysis tools—whether in-depth or recurring—revealing trends and hidden patterns.